Connecting the world through
Next Generation Wireless Solutions

JSII is a global leader in the provision of advanced wireless solutions, producing innovative, cost-effective solutions that address market requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better quality of experience.

Our Intelligent Wireless Solutions will help propel your network to the next generation.


Network Quality

With the ability to emulate up to thousands of mobile devices across multiple cells and radio access technologies, we can validate network performance as experienced by the end user.


Coverage Extension

Extending the reach of wireless communications cost-effectively into rural or remote environments is a growing problem for all network operators.


Best Technology

Our broadband wireless products with Virtual Fiber™ technology are designed from the ground-up to be extremely rugged and provide the capacity, range, reliability and real-time performance necessary to connect critical M2M/IoT applications.


Wireless Surveillance Systems

Wireless surveillance system provide a great option for those situations where home run wiring is impractical or impossible.


Intelligent Network

JSII delivers an ultra-reliable and high-security intelligent battlefield network that integrates seamlessly with existing Ethernet or legacy (TDM E1/serial) interfaces to provide uninterrupted connectivity


In-building Coverage Systems

Our comprehensive range of in-building coverage systems, provides solutions for small to medium and large buildings ensuring high quality wireless coverage is achieved throughout.

Why do you need our Wireless solutions?

Unmatched performance and high-tech support.

Our extensive portfolio enables us to provide comprehensive and flexible wireless coverage solutions within a variety of environments with the highest level of security over backhaul links.

Our Partners includes:

Witelcom Redline Intracom

Our security systems have been proven to increase your bottom line.

We build, install, maintain and repair the best security systems and associated services in the industry. When you invest in our wireless solutions, you can expect unparalleled customer service. We can validate network performance as experienced by the end user. We offer the capability to realistically emulate mobile applications such as voice, video and data that are essential to accurately represent the RF environment.

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